SV210 - SV211 - Bộ tách tín hiệu - Electro-sensors - Song Thành Công Việt Nam

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  • Mã sản phẩm:SV210 - SV211 - Bộ tách tín hiệu - Electro-se
  • Nhãn hiệu:Electro-Sensors
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SV210 - SV211 - Bộ tách tín hiệu - Electro-sensors - Song Thành Công Việt Nam


Leuze Vietnam

Part No.: 50032044

BCL 21 S M 210 (BCL21SM210)

Industrial barcode reader RS485 with 2x digital I/O single line 10-30VDC F-Optic for 0.5-1mm codes 800scans/sec. circuit board connectors for MA interface and 3m cable perpendicular beam opening

Resatron Vietnam

Art no.: 02.12.26231981

P/N: RSF 58 P 26-3-B-W1N-DS4-F2

Absolut encoder, profibus DP, total resolution 26 Bit, 10 Bit (1,024 S/T singleturn), 16 Bit (65,536 T multiturn), Binary-Code, UB…30VDC, with two additional incremental tracks 2,048 P/T, 10mm shaft with groove according to DIN 6885, clamping flange, Co., 3xM4, special design bú cover with  compression couplings. GSD data RSP20159B

IFM Vietnam

Code: IIT202


Bijur Delimon Vietnam

Model: ZPB03A02CEG00

distributor ZP-B; 3 segments, 2 outlets with non-return valve, with monitoring switch without accessories 05BA 05CA 05BC

Bijur Delimon Vietnam

Model: ZPB05A02QSQQV00

distributor ZP-B ; 5 se zgments, 7 outlets with non-return valvewith monitoring switch 20AA 20BA 20AA 20AA 20CC

Rexroth Vietnam

Replaced by: VT-MSPA1-30-1X/V0/0


MTS Sensor Vietnam

Model: RPS0250MD701S2G6102

Position sensor; Stroke length: 250 mm

Aichi Tokei Denki Vietnam

Model: TBX100/L

Turbine Gas Meter; Connection size: Rc 2" (50mm)

Built-in lithium metal battery type; Flow direction: Left to Right

TAEWOO Vietnam

Remarks S/N: 39634

Reducer Model: TWCH2R-080 ; 5.5kw,   1/121

Ginice Vietnam

GVF22.50, JIS20K/RF, 50mm W/GEA-20P, 24VAC/4~20mA

Globe Valve

RS Automation/ RS OEMax Vietnam

Model: CSD7_01BX1

SERVO Drive, ANALOG BASIC,100W,220VAC,50/60Hz

RS Automation/ RS OEMax Vietnam

Model: CSD7_02BX1

SERVO Drive, ANALOG BASIC,200W,220VAC,50/60Hz

MTS Sensor Vietnam

Model: RPM1500MD531P102

Position sensor; Stroke length: 1,500 mm

Higen Motor Vietnam

Model: KMI-02HT8


Yaskawa Vietnam

Model: SGDH-05DE-OY

Servo Drive

Metrix Vietnam

Correct Model: 5485C-008

Velocity Sensor - 375°C max., connector version

Labthink Vietnam

Model: XYD-15K

Box Compression Tester; Test Range: 15KN ( 45KN is optional)

Accuracy 1% of Reading Value; Test Space : 1 m(L) x 1.0 m(W) x 1.3 m(H); Power Supply : AC 220 V  50 Hz

Instrument Size:  1.2 m(L) x 1.5 m(W) x 2.3 m(H)

Standard:ISO 12048, ASTM D642, ASTM D4169, TAPPI T804, JIS Z0212


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