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Two-stage Permanent-magnet VSD GM+series

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  • Mã sản phẩm:GM22
  • Nhãn hiệu:EW , EV
  • Xuất xứ:China
  • Giá tham khảo:Liên hệ nhà cung cấp

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1. Two-stage energy saving air end.

Reasonable distribution of the compression ratio, optimized design of bearings, service life of bearings ≥150000 hours.

Low noise, low vibration, more reliability. Reducing the separate compression ratio, lessening the internal leakage, improving the efficiency of the capacity, lowering the loading of bearings,prolonging the service life of the air end.

2.The most advanced split type design, the air end and motor are connected by the coupling, free from the trouble of maintenance.

3.The motor is made of the special material of rare-earth permanent magnet, strong magnetic field, large overload torque and small current while starting and operation.

The special rare-earth permanent magnet with the special design of the rotor, makes the efficiency of the motor 10%-15% higher than the same horsepower induction motor.

Design of the lower temperature, the raise temperature of the motor <60K,greatly improves the service life and service factor. Soft starter by the inverter, avoiding the strong mechanical shock while starting, prolonging the life of machine, reducing the maintenance, improving the reliability. Average energy saving 50%.

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